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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I view the internet mapping sites with a Mac For help for Macintosh users please click here.

Pop-up Blockers.  When I click on an activity I don't get a map.  You may have a Pop-Up Blocker installed on your browser.  You need to disable this feature for the activities to come up in a separate window.  It is not necessary to "uninstall" the pop-up blocker, just disable it while using the site.  Yahoo, Google, and many other internet companies provide free pop-up blockers that you (or someone else) may have installed on your computer.  If you have a pop-up blocker installed there is usually a button or icon on the toolbar that you can use to enable or disable pop-up windows.  Make sure to "disable" this feature.

What do the buttons on the left side of the screen mean?  Hold your cursor over a button for about a second and a label will pop up (also will tell you in the lower left of the screen).

When I click on the Worksheet and Overview links I don’t get anything.  You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.  This is a free download at: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

Why does the Activity map load so slowly?  The speed at which the map will load depends on your Internet connection.  If you are using a dial-up modem, the map will load slowly.

The Activity map seems to be “hanging,” not just loading slowly, what do I do?  Occasionally, this can happen.  Just close the Internet Mapping window that appears to be stuck and re-click on the Activity.  That usually fixes the problem.

Why don’t the “Back” and “Refresh” buttons on my web browser work on the map windows?  Notice that when you click on an Activity, the map opens in a new window.  The software you're using in that window is ESRI’s ArcIMS, which doesn’t allow you to go back to a previous window or refresh the map using buttons on Internet Explorer or Netscape.  To refresh or reload the map, click the REFRESH MAP button on ArcIMS.

So how do I get back to this website to find more information and activities?  After you open any Internet mapping activity, ALWAYS keep your original window from this website (the one listing the activities) open or minimized, and you can go back to it whenever you need.

Why didn't the map change when I added or subtracted layers?  Any time you change what map layers are visible or not visible, you need to click the REFRESH MAP button in the lower right to reload the map.

I see a list of “Layers” but I don’t see a Legend for the layers—how do I get the Legend?  Use the Toggle Between Legend and LayerList button (upper-left button).

I’m trying to use the Identify button, but I can’t seem to get any results.  How do I fix this?  First, make sure that the layer you want to identify is BOTH Visible AND Active (and Refresh Map).  If you are still having problems try to click directly on the feature—in the middle or slightly to the upper-left of the feature's center.  Drawing a Zoom In box to the area you’re interested in can also help.  On some maps, it is possible to get multiple results for one Identify click.

When I use the Identify button I get a bunch of weird results in the bottom window.  How do I know what the different column names mean?  Most field names are intuitive: for example, POP1880 means population 1880.  We also have a document that describes each layer and many of the field/column names.  Click on: What You Can Map.

After using the Measure tool, how do I get rid of all those red lines on the map?  Click on the Clear Selection button.

Can I change how the map is formatted or positioned when I print it out? No, you cannot make changes.  If you have ArcExplorer (see below), you can export the map out as a basic JPEG and then work with it in an illustration software package.

Why can’t I create my own categories and colors on the map?  This version of ArcIMS is the simplest and requires no special Internet Explorer or Netscape add-ons or applets.  But this means the end user cannot do much customizing.  If you would like to do more with the data, please e-mail us and we will provide a CD that includes over 80 GIS layers, free copies of ArcExplorer for both Mac and PC, an installation guide, a PDF manual on how to use ArcExplorer, and samples of the activities found on this website.

I don't see the answer to my problem here.  Help!  See the e-mail addresses below.

How do I find out more about the technical side of this project?  Send an e-mail to david.diggs@unco.edu if you'd like to know more about the modifications made to the ArcIMS programs that were made to get the maps to look as they do.

I've got some ideas for new activities or ways to improve the ones online.  How can I help?  Any suggestions for improvement are welcome.  Send your ideas to phil.klein@unco.edu -- and we thank you.

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