Majors, Minors and Elementary Concentration

The Major in Geography & GIS:

The Bachelors of Arts in Geography offers the following choices of study emphasis:

Global and Area Studies Emphasis:

Students electing a Global and Area Studies emphasis in Geography & GIS have eclectic interests, with goals of preparing for graduate school or careers in diverse fields. The Global and Area Studies Emphasis is ideal for students interested in globalization and its impacts on environments, cultures and economies. Geographers work in careers including community development, resource management, travel and tourism planning, natural hazard management, area specialist, and international business representative.

Geographic Information Science (GIS) Emphasis:

One of the fastest growing areas in geography is the use of geographic information sciences (GIS) to generate maps and store map-related information. GIS is a system of computer hardware and software that stores, displays, analyzes, and maps geographic information. Geographers, planners, land developers, real estate agents, market analysts, utility companies, and municipal officials all use these systems. For example, using GIS, students can analyze population distribution, traffic movement, land availability, real estate prices, environmental hazards, soil types, and flood zones to help local government make informed land use decisions.

Secondary Teaching Emphasis:

The Geography program participates in the preparation of teachers by offering a bachelor's degree in geography that meets all requirements for licensure for teaching social studies at the secondary level (grades 7-12). Upon successful completion of this program and the requirements of the Professional Teacher Education program, students will qualify to be licensed to teach social studies. Students choosing this major will be observed by experienced geography faculty when student teaching. A graduate with this degree will also be qualified to pursue graduate study in geography.

The Minor in Geography & GIS:

Minor in Geography

Minor in Geographic Information Science (GIS)

The Elementary Education Bachelor's program has a 15-hour concentration called Social Studies. Geography is one choice in the Social Studies.

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