ProGeographer - Program Courses

4 courses @ 3 credits each = 12 credits

Advanced Human Geography (Geog 520)— This online course looks at a variety of different sub-fields within the realm of human geography with a particular emphasis on examining the practical applications of geographic tools and thinking to such contemporary issues such as housing, globalization, public transport, food distribution, and retail location

Urban Geography (Geog 520)—Urban geography takes a spatial approach to understanding cities while population geography takes a spatial approach to understanding population. Geographers want to know where something is, why it is there, and why that location is important. In this course we are interested in spatial patterns in the city - they attempt to describe and explain the city's spatial layout. Among the urban topics addressed are urban form, urban origins, land use, and national urban systems among others. The most important goal of this online course is to teach you this spatial approach and to teach you how to see cities - and the word - geographically.

Teaching Geography (Geog 513)— Teachers develop instructional units and go through formative trials in classrooms before publishing the unit on websites of local geographic alliances.

Field Course (Geog 592)—Physical/human field methods and research initiatives in the Grand Valley, Colorado. This course examines the connections of a desert river to Western United States. It is seen from natural, cultural, physical, and political perspectives. It explores spatial analogs in other parts of the United States.

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