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Dr. David M. Diggs
Associate Professor of Geography

2072 Candelaria Hall

Department of Geography

School of Social Sciences

College of Humanites and Social Sciences

University of Northern Colorado

Greeley, CO 80639
(970) 351-1113





  Education Research Interests
  Ph.D. (1990) - Geography, University of Colorado-Boulder GIS, Cartography
  M.A. (1984) - Geography, University of Northern Colorado Natural Hazards
  B.A. (1981) - Geography, University of Missouri-Columbia Resource Management
    Latin America
  Current CV (adobe.pdf format)  

                        Course Related:


   Geog. 210--Introduction to GIS and GPS


    Geog. 302--Cartography


    Geog. 307--GIS


    Geog. 412  Advanced Cartography   

                            Class Google Earth Mini-Projects (you must have Google Earth for these projects to open).

                                    The UNC Powell Club  The class

                                    Walking Hadrian's Wall

                                    UNC Campus History.  Forrest Bowlick

                                    Fort Collins Brewery Tour.  Sean Carlton

                                    Denver 16th St. Mall.  David Miller

                                    Colorado 14ers.  John Giesen

                                    USNS Mercy Deployment.  Dan Konzek

                                    Elk and Mule Deer Hunting, CO  Eric Brennan

                                    Surf Spots in Orange County      Ben Protzman

                                    Sunflower Markets in Denver      Jared Koepsell

                                    Disc Courses in Greeley    Steven Jaramillo

                                    RTD in Denver.   David Blyzes

                                    Hawaii Volcanoes.  Tim Hughes

                                    Greeley Tree Project.  Brittany Harris

                                    Brighton.  Mark Dickman

                                    Peru Trip.  Jake Antcliff


    Geog. 475--Advanced GIS



                        Publications, Presentations, Posters (for download or with links): 

                                Atlas of Colorado: A Teaching Resource.  (in .pdf format)

                                Atlas of Colorado.  (poster--in .pdf--presented at NCGE Annual Meeting 10/04.  7mb.)

                                Colorado's Geography: Mapping Our past (Internet mapping activities for 4-8 grades)

                                Colorado's Geography: Mapping Our past (poster--in .pdf--presented at Annual Meeting of AAG 2005.  9.3mb.)

Determining Water Well Location and Density for the City of Greeley, CO  (poster--in .pdf--presentation at Great Plains Rocky Mountain Region of AAG, 10/03)

Failure of a Modified Landscape: the Case of New Orleans  (powerpoint presentation at College of Humanities and Social Sciences symposium, Hurricane Katrina: Lessons & Legacy.  9/27/05.  in .pdf-- 5mb. in size).

GIS Design Strategies for Historical Geography Materials (powerpoint presentation at NCGE 10/04.  In .pdf, 2.5mb.)

Modeling Native American Sacred Sites in Rocky Mountain National Park  Proceedings of the 2006 ESRI International User Conference.  San Diego, CA.

World 21.  A multimedia/GIS World Geography Learning System (produced maps and some writing /editorial work for project

ESRI Education Conf. 2009 Presentation

ESRI International User Conf. 2009 Presentation

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