UNC Name Change Process

UNC students who wish to use a first name that differs from the name shown on student records may fill out an Individual Data Change Request Form.

Individual Data Change Form

Once you have filled out the form, your chosen name will appear in the following systems:

  • Supplementary class rosters
  • Housing contracts
  • Recreation center software
  • Bears email display name
  • Student online directory
  • Blackboard and Canvas learning management systems
  • Student Conduct/Dean of Students databases

48 hours after you submit the Individual Data Change form, you may request a new UNC ID Card at the University Center. You may fill out an additional form in order for your chosen name to appear on your UNC ID. Please contact the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center before obtaining a new ID, the center will cover the cost of the new ID.

For more questions, please visit the UNC Card Office Preferred Name Policy page.

Note that using your chosen name on your UNC ID deems it invalid for legal identification or banking purposes.

Example Template

If you do not wish to change your name with an Individual Data Change Form but still wish to be referred to by your chosen name and pronouns by professors, this template may be helpful in contacting professors individually before classes begin.

Mr/Ms/Mrs/Mx/Dr/Prof [Last Name],

I am a student in your [Name of Course] class next semester. The roster will list me as my legal name, [Birth Name]; however, I would like to be addressed as [Chosen Name] and with the pronouns [he/she/they/ze], [him/her/them/hir], [his/hers/theirs/hirs]. Please also forward this to the appropriate T.A. or assistant or let me know who they are so that I may inform them of this change as well.

Thank you very much.


[Chosen Name]

State of Colorado Name Change Process

The Gender Identity Center of Colorado

The Gender Identity Center of Colorado has gathered a list of resources to assist trans people in Colorado in their legal transition, including legal name change, birth certificate gender change, and gender marker on passport.


(303) 202-6466


1151 S. Huron St. Denver Co 80223