Welcome to the University of Northern Colorado's World Language Day Website

For over 45 years, UNC has been the proud sponsor of one of the largest and longest running World Language Days in the nation. This event is held each Spring at our University Center and is attended by more than 1000 students and teachers. Our goal is to provide high school students with a unique opportunity to experience world languages and cultures beyond a classroom setting in a fun and educational environment.

We provide competitions, workshops, and many other cultural activities in which students may participate during the day of April 14, 2016. Competitions will run concurrently with other activities so that students will always find something of interest to do. We are providing competitions for each level, but the number of students who may compete in each competition will be limited. In this way, we hope to streamline the sessions and make the activities more competitive for your students before they are chosen to represent your school.

Passports will be provided to the students and will be stamped at each event to verify the activities the students attend. All students must be pre-registered. Those who are not competing or do not wish to watch the competitions will have plenty of other activities in which to participate located throughout the campus. Please browse our site for more information on this event.

For a list of 2016 competition winners, click here.

For registration information please contact: Nhu Quynh Vo at: nhuquynh.vo@unco.edu


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