President's Campus Communication 1/31/11

Dear Colleagues,

I’m writing to tell you more about what I’ll be discussing at my campus address on Wednesday. I plan to give a brief update on what we’ve accomplished through our University-wide planning effort since the beginning of the academic year. Then I’ll talk about our next steps in fulfilling the vision we have articulated—being an exemplary teaching and learning community by connecting our academic programs, research and community building efforts.

As we take these next steps it’s important that we also have a shared understanding of our priorities. I’ll explain these further on Wednesday, but generally speaking, I believe there are three:

  • Sustain UNC’s ability to give students an opportunity for transformative education at a research university
  • Cultivate academic programs with high quality and potential to exemplify the teaching and learning community we want to be
  • Develop the heart of campus as a physical manifestation of the exemplary teaching and learning community we want to be.

I appreciate the time and energy that many of you invested in the non-process we launched fall semester to help identify $5 million in sustainable cost savings, and the results of the non-process will shape how we move forward. In particular, I’ll be talking about using these strategies:

  • Analyze potential sustainable cost savings identified in non-process
  • Temporarily freeze hiring of non-faculty positions over $25,000 and critically assess staffing levels
  • Take a “time out” on technology, equipment, capital and renovation expenditures not approved through the University’s centralized budget process
  • Critically assess all travel expenditures
  • Continue to refine our budget process and how we allocate resources
  • Develop rank-ordered fundraising priorities.

I hope you can join me at 12:15 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 2, in the University Center Ballrooms. Given our focus on reducing costs, lunch will not be provided, but I encourage you to bring your own.