President's Campus Communication 10/28/10

Dear Colleagues,

All of the ideas for sustainable cost savings collected in the first round of our campus-wide brainstorming “non-process” have been posted on Ursa. To view or print them, please go to, log in using the same user name and password you use for UNC e-mail, and click on the Employee tab.

I appreciate the tremendous effort that many faculty and staff have invested in this work. It reflects the talent and passion of our campus community. Every idea submitted is included on the list. I’m pleased that vast majority of the comments are professional and courteous. However, in the spirit of openness, comments that are more pointedly personal than we anticipated are also included.

In an effort to make the 38 pages of information somewhat more manageable, ideas are grouped by general topic. There is no particular significance to the topics or the order in which they appear. Please understand that this is only a rough grouping, as many ideas are related to multiple topics.

Your participation is crucial to our next step in this effort. As I said at the outset of the non-process, this stage is about refining, critiquing, fact checking and reality checking the information that has been shared. Many possibilities have been put forth, and we need your expertise and creativity to think through these things as a campus community.

The key question we are trying to answer continues to be: How can we reinvent our operations in ways that improve our effectiveness, make UNC a better place to work, and also save money? We’re looking for sustainable cost savings—things that are relatively permanent and ongoing. As you respond, please think about which ideas seem most promising, and what we need to know in order to fully consider them. We also need to think about which changes would make the greatest difference, which things address both effectiveness and cost savings, and how changes might affect us in the long term. In addition, some of the things suggested would require the commitment of many individuals in order to be effective, so it would be helpful to know how willing you, personally, would be to commit to particular changes.

This stage of the non-process remains voluntary and completely disconnected from the organizational chart. We will use the same self-organized teams approach, and again I would request that you talk with friends and colleagues as well as with campus community members who aren’t affiliated with your area of expertise, discipline or unit.

We will collect responses and ideas through November 19. Please continue to use the online submission form on the President’s Office webpage at and don’t include the names or positions of the person submitting the information or the team members who worked on it. Focus on functions and processes rather than individuals. We will again share everything that is submitted with campus, so please try to be humane, even in your criticism.

In reading your ideas, I get the sense that there are a growing number of people on our campus who are willing and even eager to engage in truly rethinking how we go about our daily work of fulfilling UNC’s mission. This is exciting and encouraging, and I hope you will continue to be part of it.