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film strip title faculty & staff

Currently, the Department of English's Film Studies Program has one full-time tenured faculty member:

  • Kenneth Chan, Director of Film Studies and Associate Professor of English

Lecturers include:

  • Deb Banerjee
  • Joseph P. Brady
  • Trai Cartwright

If you are interested in learning more about Film Studies program requirements and course offerings, or are interested in declaring a Film Studies Minor, please contact Professor Chan at kenneth.chan@unco.edu.

Affiliated Faculty & Staff

Other professors from schools and departments across the university also teach courses that count as Film Studies Minor electives.

  • Brook Blair, Professor of Political Science
  • David Caldwell, Professor of Modern Languages
  • Paul F. Hodapp, Professor of Philosophy
  • George H. Junne, Professor of Africana Studies
  • Mary Schuttler, Professor of Theatre Studies
  • Anne Toewe, Professor of Theater Studies
  • Charles Ingold, Professor of Communication Studies