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The Film Studies Program at the University of Northern Colorado offers an academic Minor in Film Studies. The goal of the minor is to provide students with an understanding of film as a distinct art form, with its own unique history, language, mechanics, and principles of production and reception. The emphasis in the program is more on film criticism, theories, and histories, than on training in film production.

The Film Studies Minor comprises 15 credit hours of required courses and 3 credit hours of electives, making a total of 18 hours. Please note that some courses have prerequisites. The requirements are described in detail in the UNC Catalog, and the Film Studies Program has developed a recommendation for completing the program within four years.
Students will learn to "read" film and interpret it through an examination of its individual elements as well as by discussing how these parts fit together as a whole. Moreover, students are encouraged through this program of study to understand better the connections between cinema and the general importance of visual representation in contemporary culture. The Minor in Film Studies is an interdisciplinary program, which means that it includes perspectives from a variety of disciplines, consideration of film in various periods of the history of cinema, as well as films produced in various global cultures.

Requirements: 18 Credits Total


Required Minor Credits - 15 hours
1. The following four courses are required of all Film Minor students (12)

  • FILM 120: Introduction to Film
  • FILM 310: Film Theory1
  • FILM 320: Special Topics in Film Studies2
  • FILM 330: Studies in a Genre or Director2

2. Students must choose one of the following courses (3)

  • FILM 210: History of Film I (Film History to 1945)3
  • FILM 211: History of Film II (Film History from 1945)3

Required Elective Credits - 3 hours
3. Students may choose one course from the following electives (3)

  • THE 225: Theater in Film
  • JMC 390: Impact of Mass Communication on Society
  • FL 400: Traditions in International Film
  • ENG 495: Advanced Cultural Studies4
  • FILM 210 or FILM 211 (or any additional variable title course in FILM beyond the required courses listed above)
  • FILM 320: Special Topics in Film Studies
  • FILM 330: Studies in a Genre or Director


1. FILM 310: Film Theory has the following prerequisites: FILM 120: Introduction to Film and at least three other credits from courses with a FILM prefix.
2. FILM 320 and FILM 330 can be repeated for an additional 6 hours of elective credit, provided the topics vary.
3. Students may take both FILM 210 and FILM 211, provided that only one course counts toward required credit and the other counts toward elective credit.
4. ENG 495: Advanced Cultural Studies may be taken as credit toward the minor upon approval by the program director.
5. Any FILM course not taken for required credit may be taken as elective credit.
6. The Director of Film Studies may approve other variable title courses as Film Minor elective credits, provided they exhibit a significant focus on film studies. Courses that sometimes receive approval as Film Minor electives include but are not limited to: AFS 395: Aspects of African American Experience; HON 200: Honors Connections Seminar II; and JMC 408: Special Topics in Communications.

Declaring a Minor in Film Studies

The submission form for declaring a Film Studies Minor is easy to complete and can be submitted to a Film Studies faculty member. Consult with the Director of Film Studies regularly concerning course offerings, requirements for completing the minor, and extracurricular opportunities. For more details, please contact Dr. Kenneth Chan at kenneth.chan@unco.edu.