The following faculty boards, councils, and committees provide opportunities for service to faculty 0.5 or > FTE. Elections and appointments to these governance bodies occur during the spring semester of each academic year, with special fall elections being held to fill vacancies due to resignation.  Additional service opportunities may be available within your college.  Informational links have been provided for each governance body.  For additional information regarding meeting dates/times, please contact the Faculty Senate office.       
Academic Appeals Board  
Board Policy Manual 2-1-204(4)(a)                               
Assessment Council
Board of Athletic Control  
Board Policy Manual 2-3-110(2)
Campus Recreation Advisory Board
Classified Staff Council   
Codification Committee 
Faculty Senate Bylaws Article VII
Constitutional Review Authority 
Board Policy Manual
Faculty Grievance Committee 
Board Policy Manual 2-3-1201(1)(c)
Faculty Perceptions of Administrators Committee  
Faculty Senate Bylaws Article IX

Faculty Research & Publications Board 
Board Policy Manual 2-3-108(1)                  
Faculty Senate
Board Policy Manual 2-3-106(4)   
Faculty Trustee 
Elected faculty at-large. 1 year term. Attends: Board of Trustees, Faculty Senate, Salary Equity  Committee, and Senate Executive Committee meetings.   
Graduate Council
Board Policy Manual 2-3-107(3)
Information Technology Committee   
ITC Charge                                                
Liberal Arts Council
Board Policy Manual 2-3-107(2)
M.  Lucile Harrison Award Committee 
University Regulations 3-1-102(2)              
Parking Advisory Committee
Professional Administrative Staff Council 
Professional Education Council
Board Policy Manual 2-3-107(4)                      
Research Advisory Council                                           
Salary Equity Committee 
Faculty Senate Bylaws Article VI
Student Senate Faculty Representative  
Student Body Constitution Section 5
Tenure Appeals Committee 
Board Policy Manual 2-3-902(6)  
Undergraduate Council 
Board Policy Manual 2-3-107(1)
University Center Advisory Board 
University Center Bookstore Advisory Committee