The Function and Powers of the Faculty Senate are broadly defined in Title 1, Article 1, Part 2 of the Board Policy Manual. As noted in 1-1-206(1), “The Faculty Senate shall be the sole representative body of the faculty.” Board policies and University Regulations “of an academic nature, or affecting faculty, should be developed and approved with the collegial participation, comment and advice of the Faculty through the Faculty Senate.” The Board Policy Manual continues: “In addition to the duties and powers stated above, the Faculty Senate, as the delegate assembly of the voting faculty of the University, shall have the authority to:

▪ Act for the voting faculty on all matters within the scope of this policy   and the faculty constitution as approved by the BOT.

Receive and consider reports and recommendations from members    of the University community as it sees fit.

▪  Initiate or review policies pertaining to the general welfare of the    University, its faculty or students.

▪  Transmit resolutions regarding any matter concerning the University     to the President and/or the BOT, and to the faculty for their     consideration and/or further action."

More detailed accounts of the structure and function of the Faculty Senate can be found in the Constitution of the the University of Northern Colorado Faculty (Title 2, Article 3, Part 1 of the Board Policy Manual (2-3-106)), and in the Faculty Senate Bylaws.