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Paul Nutter Name:
Paul Nutter
Assistant Professor of Meteorology
Natural and Health Sciences
Earth Sciences
Years Teaching:
6 (all at UNC)
B.S., Meteorology, University of Massachusetts at Lowell, 1993;
M.S., Atmospheric Science, University of Arizona, 1996;
Ph.D., Meteorology, University of Oklahoma, 2003.
Areas of expertise/Research interests:
Weather Forecasting & Analysis, Dynamic Meteorology, Numerical Weather Prediction, Ensemble Forecasting and Statistical Forecast Verification.
You might not know that I …
once worked at the Kennedy Space Center in support of space launch operations.
When I let my hair down, I can be found …
thinking about hiking in the mountains or going swimming or running.
My welcome-to-teaching moment that I’ll never forget was …
probably the first exam that I gave in my dynamics class during my first semester here. It  was much harder than what should have been considered reasonable, and at the same time the students needed to bring their effort up as well. So we had to basically start over and I reevaluated my expectations and also made it clear that the students needed to do a little more. And I think that was very helpful in achieving a much more suitable and appropriate level of teaching effectiveness.
I chose UNC meteorology because...
it’s a small program and that is consistent with the way I started in the field. And there is such a great opportunity to come to know the students on an individual basis, thereby helping them to grow into professionals through their involvement in the UNC student chapter of the American Meteorological Society.  Numerous collaborative opportunities exist within commuting distance of Greeley.
Confucius would say my teaching philosophy is …
Most importantly, every class is presented with energy and enthusiasm.  I can’t expect the students to engage the class if I don’t show every day that I love it myself.
If I’m not teaching a class, or in my office, you can find me on campus at …
the football stadium and watching football games with my son.
I cannot live without …
If I hadn’t become a teacher, I would be a …
research scientist.
Yearbook quote (advice you like to give to students or best advice you’ve received):
“Work hard and play hard.”
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