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Dennis Morimoto Name:
Dennis Morimoto
Director of the School of Art & Design
Performing and Visual Arts
School of Art & Design
Years Teaching:
44 years (40+ at UNC)
B.A. in Industrial Education, Graphic Arts and Geography, UNC.
M.A. in Industrial Education, Graphic Arts and Educational Media, UNC.
Ed.D in Secondary Education/Curriculum Development, Industrial Technology Education, Arizona State University.
Areas of expertise/Research interests:
Photographic imaging and curriculum development in those areas; Verbal/nonverbal Communication; Multi-media development; Traditional and contemporary Imaging procedures and techniques; Printing and publishing. Personal agenda includes exhibitions of work in local and regional venues as well as exclusive photographic contributions, with selected photo imaging students,
You might not know that I …
have collected recordings of various music and created photographic images for over 50 years.
When I let my hair down, I can be found …
listening to music, seeking images for photographs, making desserts, watching cooking shows, and visiting art exhibitions and museums.
My welcome-to-teaching moment that I’ll never forget was …
over 45 years ago when many of my students in my first class were much older than I was.
I chose UNC because …
because of my undergraduate years, I was familiar with the program I was building and because of the strong tradition and reputation of the university.
Confucius would say my teaching philosophy is …
“Look before you leap”. Think things out before you move ahead. It costs less to plan more, so be very precise and research thoroughly. ….“Being strict with oneself rarely fails”.
If I’m not teaching a class, or in my office, you can find me on campus at …
I have two offices, so if I can’t be found in either office, I must be in meetings, appointments, or student/faculty reviews.
I cannot live without …
the support from family and friends; all of the arts; music, art and performance, sports, audio/video and photographic activities.
If I hadn’t become a teacher, I would be a …
a professional artist of some kind, whether it be a photographer or a musician. Frankly, my musical talent was so poor that I was a better listener, which is probably the reason why I appreciate the talents of so many different performers and their music. I would have looked at some of the science areas and could have probably been an engineer, architect, or graphic designer.
Yearbook quote (advice you like to give to students or best advice you’ve received)
From my high school English teacher: "It doesn’t matter what you choose to be, but work to be the best you can be."
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