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David ThomasName:
David Thomas
Assistant Professor of Management
Monfort College of Business
Entrepreneurship Program
Years Teaching:
6 (4 at UNC)
B.A. in Communications at UNC
M.S. in Management at Regis and Ph.D in Education
Human Resource Studies at CSU
Areas of expertise/Research interests:
Small business management and qualitative research-grounded theory. Research interests center on how organizations co-construct place in their community.
You might not know that I …
am a UNC graduate.
When I let my hair down, I can be found …
fly fishing.
My welcome-to-teaching moment that I’ll never forget was …
really how much I learn from students.
I chose UNC because …
of the students and the commitment their families make when their children attend UNC. It is impressive and is inspiring to me.
Confucius would say my teaching philosophy is …
challenging students to exceed their own expectations.
If I’m not teaching a class, or in my office, you can find me on campus at …
Michener Library.
I cannot live without …
my family.
If I hadn’t become a teacher, I would be a …
very bored business person. Yearbook quote (advice you like to give to students or best advice you’ve received) “Know thy self.”
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