The Plan

Reference Manual/Programmatic Planning

The University of Northern Colorado facilities Master Plan includes two elements; the Reference Manual and the Facilities Plan. The Reference Manual contains all the programmatic information that drives the Facilities Plan.

Goals and Objectives

The physical development goals and objectives were established to provide the framework for how the Master Plan intends to support the University's overall mission. The goals and objectives are the overall strategies the University will focus upon to provide the proper environment for the instruction, research, and public service functions of the University's mission.

Goal 1 - Provide a physical environment that supports the University programmatic role and mission.

  • Provide facilities to meet the needs of the University's goals in instruction, research, and public service.
  • All buildings and the site must support the University's Academic Plan.
  • Concentrate on the quality and use of existing buildings.
  • Focus on the improvement of facilities through proactive maintenance practices, repair and replacement programs, renovations, and the application of architectural and landscape design guidelines.
  • Carefully evaluate the need for additional space.
  • Construct additional facilities as a last resort to meeting program needs.
  • If additional space is required, provide plans for facility expansions to accommodate University growth and change.
  • Plan for enrollment increases beyond the next decade to assure preparedness.
  • Establish land-use patterns that identify proper site locations for various types of buildings or functions.

Goal 2 - Provide physical character that symbolizes the University's presence, quality of education, and role in the community.

  • Establish program uses for each campus.
  • Create programmatic hubs for like disciplines and focus planning considerations around these hubs.
  • Establish and maintain a Main Campus identity, which will demonstrate a sense of legacy through the facilities and landscape.
  • Create an environment symbolic of scholarly excellence.
  • Strengthen the identity and tradition of the University of Northern Colorado through the campus physical environment.
  • Achieve a physical environment that creates a desirable transition into the surrounding community.
  • Soften the interface at campus boundaries, while balancing a strong campus identity.
  • Develop and enforce architectural and landscape guidelines, which will achieve the goals and objectives of the physical environment while complementing the surrounding region.

Goal 3 - Maintain the health, safety, and well being of all University patrons.

  • Improve individual accessibility for each facility (entry/egress as well as building interior) for mobility-impaired persons.
  • Provide facilities that are flexible and adaptable in order to meet ever-changing program needs, support new initiatives, meet regulatory issues, and secure sensitive operations.
  • Improve site and building lighting to improve security, while promoting the educational character and comfort of the campus.

Goal 4 - Provide a physical environment that encourages a sense of community between the faculty, staff, and students.

  • Establish architectural, landscape, and urban design concepts providing a framework for detailed long range plans that work in harmony to create a more cohesive campus environment.
  • Establish building preservation guidelines for those facilities that are considered to be historically significant to the University and the surrounding community.
  • Create a universally accessible campus
  • Eliminate physical, social, and programmatic barriers whenever possible.
  • Create spaces, both interior and exterior, that promote interaction amongst all persons.

Goal 5 - Create a collegiate atmosphere, with a park-like setting, to foster community among patrons.

  • Reduce the impact of motor vehicles and create a pedestrian-friendly environment.
  • Facilitate inner-campus pedestrian movement and discourage the use of automobiles through the central core of the University.
  • Relocate intrusive parking to the perimeter of campus.
  • Create a barrier-free, pedestrian-oriented campus.
  • Improve site accessibility for all people.
  • Reduce circulation conflicts without eliminating service requirements.
  • Provide an environment that promotes the use of alternative modes of transportation and reduces the dependency on single-occupant motor vehicles.

Goal 6 - Develop a physical campus that environmentally sensitive.

  • Create sustainable surroundings that are ecological and reflective of the Colorado climate.
  • Any physical improvement should be evaluated from a life cycle approach.
  • Assure any investment in the physical environment is sound over the life of the improvement.
  • Landscape the campus in a way that is sensitive to the environment.
  • Use plant materials that promote water conservation wherever appropriate.
  • Use architectural materials that are indicative of the surrounding region.
  • Continually evaluate the treatment of building envelopes.