For Service M-F from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Contact

Service Center
Phone: (970) 351-2446
Fax: (970) 351-1170

Online request for services may be submitted anytime.
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After Hours, Weekends and Holidays Contact

UNC PD Dispatch
Phone: (970) 351-2245
Fax: (970) 351-4286


Emergencies 911

The Service Center is located in Parsons Hall 501 20th St.

The Service Center is the hub of all communications in and out of Facilities Management.

Other Contacts:

Kirk Leichliter
Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management
Phone: (970) 351-1264
Fax: (970) 351-1170

Barbara Taylor
Buisness Manager, Facilities Management
Phone: (970) 351-2132
Fax: (970) 351-4718