Custodial Services

Emergency Response:

Immediate needs such as spills, vomit, slippery floors, ice at entries, etc. should be reported to the Service Center at 351-2446.

General Cleaning:

Within the Academic and Office buildings on campus the custodial department is responsible for the tasks and cleaning of the following areas:

(Links will show tasks and frequencies for the areas that the stateside custodial staff cleans)

Also included is support for the following:

  • Athletics
  • Special Events
  • Office moves
  • Custodial Equipment repair
  • Recycle

The priorities will be put into place when we are short staffed in an area, during snow storms, and/or when emergencies occur on campus. Please bear with us during these times. We will do our best to catch up as soon as possible.

Requests or Questions:

Requests for service schedules or questions concerning custodial services may be directed to the Custodial Services Office at 351-2446.