Resource Conservation

Our mission is to promote the efficient use of all resources available to the campus while providing a safe and comfortable environment for living, learning, and working. We target natural gas, water, and electricity resources. Utilities are an expense that can be controlled and reduced through responsible behaviors and technology, so it is important that as a community, UNC takes action against resource waste.

Because resources and utility systems are critical elements to supporting the campus community, we try to minimize our resource demands in a way that impacts the campus community and results in only minimal interruption while providing maximum comfort. Our first aim is to comply with the Governors Executive Orders, as well as Greening the Government efforts, but we want to go beyond what is. Conservation is more important than ever and it is our responsibility as a community to reduce our environmental and fiscal impacts.

We ask that you use what you need wisely and “turn it off” when you are done or have left for the day. We are committed to doing the same when operating our facilities and time the heating and cooling of buildings with when they are used. When everyone has gone home we “turn it off” too.

The success of all our efforts depends on your support and the support of everyone else in the UNC community. Please join us and “Commit to Conserve”.

Thank you!
Dave Nalley, Utility Systems and Resource Conservation Manager