Energy Usage on Campus

Graphs of Energy Usage

The data gathered from the electrical meters on campus help us see trends in electricity usage, such as that the residence halls have lower usages in the summer months, reflecting the decreased resource demands of partial occupancy, and that when students, faculty and staff return for Fall, they bring many of their bad electricity habits with them.  

Unfortunately, these numbers do not reflect the cost of providing the electricity. The same Watt of electricity will cost more if used during peak usage times like early afternoon to evening in summer and early morning to mid-day in winter. By saving electricity during these peak times you help us save more money which can then be diverted to our other resource conservation efforts.

Resource Conservation in Action

McKee Hall is a prime example of the benefits of building improvements on resource conservation. Through increased efficiency in the HVAC equipment as well as the help of the faculty, students and staff who use the building, electricity usage has steadily been decreasing since 2006. We hope to expand these results to other buildings on campus. To find out how you can help, please visit our Commit to Conserve Page. Thank you for all your help, and keep up the good work.