Conservation News and Policies


Campus Conservation through Winter Break

Starting this week 12/11 Facilities Management will be implementing winter break temperature set backs in all buildings. Academic buildings will be set on a 8 AM to 5 PM occupied schedule. Administrative buildings will stay the same. All other buildings will be set according to their specific operating hours and occupancy. There are buildings and houses on Campus that we do not have electronic control over, such as Crabbe, Frasier, some areas of Carter, etc… Most of you know if you are in an area like that. In these areas, please remember to set back your individual work area when you leave to 55 degrees. On the days the University is closed, all buildings will be on temperature set backs.

Please remember to turn off/unplug office equipment, small appliances, chargers, and holiday decorations as you leave for the day, weekend or Holiday. It is estimated that we use approximately 275,000 kWh/year on small loads such as chargers, small appliances, and electronics that draw electricity even when they are not in use.

Thank you very much for help and commitment to conserve on Campus!