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Governor’s Office Recognizes UNC’s Conservation Efforts

The University of Northern Colorado recently received an Energy Champion award from the Governor’s Office of Energy Management and Conservation.

The award recognizes the university’s efforts in updating 15 campus buildings with energy-efficient equipment during the past three years under the direction of Dave Nalley, the university’s manager of Utility Systems and Resource Conservation.

The $4.5 million upgrades include replacing outdated fixtures with efficient fluorescent lighting and heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems; and conserving additional resources with efficient water and building automation controls. The improvements have resulted in savings of more than $140,000 a year.

The university’s improvements are the result of a performance contract with the state that enables state and local governments to invest in energy-saving equipment, using future energy and water cost savings to pay for improvements.

Recipients of the Governor’s Office of Energy Management and Conservation awards participate in the organization’s Rebuild Colorado program and complete projects that represent achievements in the design of new buildings, upgrades to existing buildings with energy performance contracting or day-to-day energy management.

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