Conservation News and Policies


New Conservation Measures to be Implemented at Facilities Management

As part of our overall program on Campus to reduce energy consumption, Resource Conservation in conjunction with the IT department will be implementing a network activated computer monitor power management program.  It is estimated that this program after full implementation will save the University in excess of $70,000 annually.

This program is activated through the network to shut off power to your computer MONITOR ONLY after a specified amount of time.  This ensures that power management is being used for your monitor.  This will not affect any screen saver settings, your monitor will simply power down at the specified time.  When you move your mouse or touch any key on your keyboard it will activate your screen again.

IT has tested this program on a number of their computers and have determined that this program works well and will not interfere with computer operations.  We are now going to implement this for all of Facilities Management personnel and will be progressing thru Campus until we have full implementation.

This program will be activated for Facilities Management on Tuesday May 31, 2005.