Online Vehicle Reservation Request Form

To request a vehicle reservation online, please fill in the information below. If you need to schedule multiple trips using the same Vehicle Reservation Request (VRQ) number, if you need vehicles with varying pick-up and return times, or if you have special instructions, use the text box at the bottom of the form and provide as much information as possible. If a field does not apply to you, leave it blank or enter a "0" (zero).

Your request will be processed within one business day of receipt, and will be confirmed or denied by either a telephone call or an e-mail reply (your choice) from the Vehicle Scheduling Office. Please understand that by submitting this form, your vehicle has not been reserved, only requested. Additionally, a VRQ or WO number and Account Number are required in order to confirm a vehicle reservation. The VRQ must be completed and received by Transportation Services before a vehicle will be released to a driver.

Vehicles may be picked up on weekdays between 7am and 3pm. If your departure time is earlier or later, or on a weekend, then it will be necessary for you to pick up the vehicle keys during normal business hours.

Please note that this online form replaces a phone call reservation, and not the VRQ form itself.


Please complete the following fields. Click on the field heading for more information.


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VRQ/WO Number
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If you are using a VRQ number, please provide the Account Name and Account Number to be charged.  These are not required if you are using a WO number (we already have them on file!).  The "A" in the FOAP Number is 74054.
Account Name
FOAP Number
Pick-up date/time
Return date/time
No. of Occupants

Sedan (quantity)

7-Passenger Van (quantity)
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Additional Information (e.g. remove van seats, multiple dates, early key pick-up, etc.)

Preferred Confirmation Method:
Phone Call
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After you have submitted your request, if you have other requests that you would like processed,
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