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Adam Database

ADAM is a database application that will contain a comprehensive inventory of all asbestos-containing materials (ACM) in just about every building on the UNC campus (except Ross, Arts Annex and Guggenheim).  The following departments currently have access to the actual ADAM database application:

Apart from direct access to the database, employees with a login can query the database from the web.  The ADAM website is located at  To register for a login and password call EH&S at 1-2669.  Please be prepared to identify a valid need for access since licensing limits the number of users.

Basic Instructions for a Web Access Query

After logging on to the ADAM webpage, you may click on one of the gray buttons on the left-hand column, or click on the "search database" button near the center of the page.  If you click the search database, a "Find Building" screen appears that asks for information.  From this screen you can select your building from the pull down menu under "Building Name" or "Building Number" and hit the submit button below.  You don't have to fill in the other blank areas.

Easier Way:

If you click on the left-hand side gray "buildings" button from the portal page, you will be provided with a full list of all buildings within the ADAM database and a general description for each building.  Select the building you are interested in from the list by clicking on the "select" link.  Once the building is selected, you can look for a particular space within the building, or select to look at a list of materials within the building.  You will also be provided with options on how you want the data to be sorted (if you don't select specific sorting order, data will be provided in the default order indicated on the screen).  You will note that other selections are available such as "hazardous materials", "lead paint" and "indoor air quality".  At this time, there is no data entered for these fields.

Searching By Space:

After you pull open a "list of spaces" within the selected building, click on the "details" link of the space (room number or other general description will be listed) you want to view.  You will be provided with a general description of the space dimensions and a list of materials within the space that could contain asbestos.  Just because a material is listed there, does not mean that it contains asbestos.  Look under the "Asbestos Present" column for a yes (which means the material does contain asbestos) or a no (means this material was not found to contain asbestos). 

Searching By Material:

When you pull open a list by material, you will be provided with a complete list of all the materials identified within the whole building that might contain asbestos.  Look under the "Asbestos Present" column for an indication of whether the material was found to contain asbestos or not.  Beside a "yes" or a "no", there may also be an indication such as "assumed" or "trace".  "Trace" indicates that the material contains 1% or less asbestos and is thus not regulated by EPA as an asbestos-containing material (some asbestos was detected in lab analysis, but it is below the regulated quantity stipulated by the EPA.  However, OSHA still requires you to use special precautions if you will disturb this material).  "Assumed" means that the material very likely contains asbestos, but that no sample was sent for laboratory analysis.  On the right of the material listing you will be provided with options to link to O&M or photos of the material listed.  the O&M link will give you procedures and precautions for handling, repairing, or removing that particular type of asbestos-containing material.  Please note that the O&M may not yet be provided in the data available currently from the database, but it will be added soon.  If a "photo" button is provided, you can link to a representative picture of this particular building material (such as "brown floor tile" for example).

If you experience difficulty with the login, database navigation, or you find that the information is incorrect, please contact EH&S at 1-1149.