Higher Education at Eye Level

“Higher education at eye level” is the University of Northern Colorado’s promise that you’ll learn from professors who are committed to learning your name, bringing their research to you, and involving you in their discoveries. It’s about accessibility and learning among a close-knit, wide-ranging group of peers. It’s about a small-class environment where you make big-time accomplishments. Most of all, it’s about looking your passions and fears and questions in the eye.

Ultimately, though, higher education at eye level is probably best explained by the students and faculty who are experiencing it, right now.

Hear what they have to say about their time at UNC.

Jon Jon Miles

Junior, Spanish
Aurora, Colorado

“The professors bring a love for what they do, and it makes an hour-and-fifteen-minute class feel like 30 minutes.”


David Grapes

Director, School of Theatre Arts & Dance

“I think we produce artists who are more ready to go out into the world. I think our alumni success speaks to that.”


Marissa Baca

Senior, English
Tucson, Arizona

“I know that even throughout the rest of my senior year and grad school, I will continue to love it.”


Sydney Schroeder

Graduate, Speech Pathology
Mesa, Arizona

“I knew that I would really be developed here.”


Phoebe Adekunle-Ajayi

Junior, Philosophy (Pre-Law)

“The fact that I could actually communicate directly to my professor was one of the selling points for me.”


Trevor Thomas

Freshman, Theatre Education
Littleton, Colorado

“All the professors are very friendly and encouraging, and they want you to succeed.”