Independent Studies

Independent Study

UNC Independent Study courses ( known in the past as correspondence or home studycourses) are self-paced courses that you can complete fully online. Our Independent Study Courses are college-level courses. Today's Independent Study courses take advantage of new technologies available in our online learning system (blackboard), and some include audio and/or video components. We are privileged to have students enrolled from around the world. We are confident that you will find your course a challenging and rewarding experience. 

UNC degree seeking students: You may begin an Independent Study course at any time during the semester up until 4 weeks prior to the end of the term. You must finish your course by the end of the semester in which you enrolled.

Non-degree seeking students: Unless otherwise noted in the course description, you may begin an Independent Study course at any time, study at a pace that fits your schedule, and are allowed one year from the date of enrollment to complete the course. This flexibility allows you to acquire additional education while continuing your employment and meeting personal commitments.

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UNC has been a member of the Colorado Statewide Extended Studies Program under the policies of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education since the early 1970s. To learn more about the Colorado Online and Distance Education (CODE) Program and the public colleges and universities that participate, visit the CDE website at:   

Recent changes in federal regulations relating to our ability to deliver online education have uncovered onerous application and fee requirements from a few states. As a result, at this time (effective December 1, 2011), the University of Northern Colorado is unable to accept applications for admission to online courses or programs from students residing in the following states: Arkansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Tennessee. For more information, click here.

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Faculty -- Getting Started

An Instructor's Guide to Independent Study (Print-Based or Online 12-month or Semester-based )

Procedural Guidelines: Developing Print-Based Independent Study Courses

Procedural Guidelines: Developing Online Independent Study Courses