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Center for Ethical Deliberation

The Center for Ethical Deliberation is an interactive Web site designed to help users (1) recognize the ethical dimension of their choices, and (2) deliberate more effectively about how to resolve ethical issues. It provides concise information on a wide variety of ethical perspectives and a detailed deliberation process for working through specific issues. Users may also request feedback from ethics coaches who can help strengthen your ethical reasoning skills and increase your confidence about ethical decision-making.

Students and other individuals can use the CED to clarify their thinking about whatever ethical issues they may face. Faculty often find it to be a useful way to enhance student awareness of the ethical assumptions made by their disciplines and to stimulate student thinking about ethical issues raised by their course materials. Business and community leaders can use it to encourage discussion and enhance ethical culture within their organizations. For more information about how the CED can work for you, contact our Director.

The CED was originally developed by Dr. Matchett in conjunction with the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Denver. It is now being hosted on servers at UNC’s Monfort College of Business. Special thanks are due to Chris Vegter and Justin Imhoff for programming and technical support.

Please bear with us while we finalize the CED transfer! All fixed text portions are currently operational, but many of the interactive portions are still being re-coded. For status updates or to report bugs in the site, contact our Director.

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Ethics Across the Curriculum

A major goal of the Institute of Professional Ethics is to become a clearinghouse for best practices in “Ethics Across the Curriculum” at UNC, and beyond. Please watch for upcoming surveys and workshops designed to help us better understand how faculty already encourage ethical deliberation in their classrooms, and explore ways of making these efforts even more successful. If you’d like to add your name to our EAC Mailing List, send an e-mail to our Director.

You may also want to review the following documents, which are designed to work in conjunction with the Center for Ethical Deliberation site.

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Professional Training and Consulting

Services for UNC Faculty

From guest lectures, to assignment design, to best practices in teaching ethics, and tools for assessing student thinking about values, we can help you incorporate ethics in your classroom. Check out our discussion of Ethics Across the Curriculum just above or contact our Director for individualized guidance.

Services for Organizations

We frequently work with businesses, community groups and campus organizations to develop and implement new initiatives (see our past projects list just below for details). If you have a need for research or training in applied ethics, we can develop a program tailored to your specific organizational goals. For more information about program development and costs, contact our Director.

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Past Projects

Recent Institute projects and consulting services include:

  • Development of ethics content for University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Online Learning Tool for Research Integrity in Image Processing (ongoing)
  • Development of a “Youth Ethics Series” as part of Colorado Humanities “Authors in the Classroom” program (ongoing)
  • Workshops to help K-12 teachers incorporate the teaching of ethics into curricula designed to meet state standards
  • Seminars in Business Ethics for the Denver Chamber of Commerce
  • Seminars in Ethics for Medical Practitioners for the North Colorado Medical Center

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If there are other activities you think our Institute ought to get involved in, outline your idea in an e-mail to our Director.