Institute of Professional Ethics

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Support Our Work

To support the Institute’s work, send your contribution to the UNC Foundation and tell them to direct your funds to account 2425. An online contribution form is available. Contributions are tax-deductible.

Grants and contracts are earmarked for specific projects, and we welcome requests from potential partners who would like to develop proposals. Our past and present partners include:

  • Colorado Humanities
  • The Daniels Fund
  • Denver Chamber of Commence
  • Greeley-Evans School District #6
  • Kodak
  • North Colorado Medical Center
  • University of Denver Center for Teaching and Learning

Charitable contributions go into our general fund, which is used to provide grants and stipends to UNC faculty, students and staff who participate in institute projects (designing and implementing new ethics initiatives in their courses, developing and delivering new training programs, conducting research on professional ethics, etc.).

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Share Your Expertise

Interested members of both the campus and wider UNC community are encouraged to join the Institute’s Advisory Committee, which helps the Director to refine and implement the Institute’s goals, as well as to identify campus and community needs in any area of applied ethics. For information, contact our Director.

Members of the UNC faculty who teach or conduct research on specific topics in ethics, as well as campus offices that can help individuals confronted by specific ethical issues, are encouraged to add their name to our campus resource list. Please send a brief e-mail to our Director indicating the nature of your expertise, the potential audience for your work, and all relevant contact information.



If you can think of still other ways in which people might support the Institute, outline your ideas in an e-mail to our Director.