Equity Inclusion

What is the purpose of the Office of Equity and Inclusion?

In support of the University of Northern Colorado's commitment to being an exemplary teaching and learning community that is inclusive, equitable and diverse, the AVP for Equity and Inclusion supervises the university's affinity and cultural center units and assists the Vice President of Campus Community and Climate in coordinating the university's cultural programming. 

The AVP assists in developing and delivering employee education and training programs as well as facilitating the university's ongoing planning and assessment work in support of community building, climate, and diversity in the broadest sense. 

The following departments work with the AVP of Equity and Inclusion to achieve the university's objectives. 

Fleurette (Flo) King

Fleurette (Flo) King

Assistant Vice President


Our Mission

The Department of Equity and Inclusion affirms the intersectional identities represented at UNC through advocacy, education, community building, validation and honoring the diverse experiences within our communities.

Our Vision

Envisioning an equitable and inclusive campus for all.

Our department involves the 7 resource and cultural centers:

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