Bears MATR (Mentors & Advocates for Transition and Retention)


In order to limit the number of unnecessary withdrawals from UNC, the Bears MATR team was developed.  Bears MATR will:

  1. Work with students on an individual basis that may be having a difficult time navigating through UNC.
  2. Work with students at the pre-withdrawal and withdrawal stage with the number one goal being to utilize referral tools and intervention strategies in order to retain students.
  3. Gather data from students via exit interviews/one-to-one meetings in order to inform UNC reasons for withdrawal or desire to withdrawal. 
  4. Develop a timetable for re-entry if student decides to withdraw.
  5. Mentor, work and coordinate various retention/student success opportunities with the following students: DSF students, unaccompanied youth, East African students, walk-ins (those requesting appointment with EMSA) and walk-ups (those that request WD from the Office of the Registrar). 


Campus Services

Career Services - Career Services at the University of Northern Colorado is a part of the Office of Student Engagement under the Division of Academic Affairs.   Career Services provides a full-service, client-centered centralized approach to academic major selection, career decision making, internship and job search assistance and testing services for students and alumni wishing to pursue post graduate employment and graduate school opportunities.

Financial Aid - The Office of Financial Aid connects you and your family to financial solutions such as grants, scholarships, Veterans assistance, student employment and loans to help you bridge the gap between what you can afford to pay for your college expenses and the cost of attending.

Tutoring - Each semester, the Academic Support & Advising Tutoring Center offers tutoring in approximately 130 differnt courses in a variety of different courses. A list of courses supported by the ASA Tutoring Center each semester is available at the ASA Tutoring Center office in Michener L149.