Tips For Getting The Most Out of Your Writing Center Visit

Before Your Tutoring Session student writing

Think About Your Goals

  • Reflect on your current writing process and at what stages you tend to need the most help.
  • Consider your current knowledge of the writing project and what you are still uncertain about.
  • Review any feedback you have received on past writing and what changes you would like to make.

Plan Ahead

  • Review your assignment deadlines and make your appointments at least four days before the due dates.
  • Create a list of specific areas you want to address with your writing.
  • Plan on a half-hour session for papers of five pages or less, and an hour for longer writing projects, depending on the areas in question.
  • Bring any assignment guidelines or samples the instructor has provided.
  • Bring any texts relevant to the writing project.

During Your Tutoring Session

Work Together With Your Tutor

  • Be prepared to make changes on your writing during your session.
  • Be prepared to take notes on what you discuss with the tutor.
  • Ask questions if you don't understand a tutor's comments.
  • Understand that there may not be time to get through an entire paper.
  • Understand that more than one appointment may be necessary to see improvement in your writing.
  • If you need proof of your visit, ask the tutor for an instructor slip before you leave--proof of visits can only be given by the tutor with whom you met.

After Your Tutoring Session

Allow Time For Revision

  • Allow time between periods of writing to think about the writing and the feedback you have received.
  • Revise the larger issues first--content, thesis, organization, and then the sentence-level issues.
  • Review your assignment guidelines again.

Don't hesitate to call the Writing Center for further help. (970) 351-2056