Film Minor

Program Director and Student Advisor:
Dr. Kenneth Chan, Director of Film Studies,

Program Faculty:

Program Requirements: 18 credit hours

The film minor offers courses in film history, theory, and criticism, and is designed for students who wish to study the political, historical, cultural, aesthetic, and social significance of the art form. In this interdisciplinary program, students will begin with an introduction to film (FILM 120) before proceeding to specialized courses that examine American and global cinemas from various theoretical and thematic perspectives.

UNC’s film faculty regularly offer variable-topic courses on such subjects as “Melodramas and Musicals,” “On Stardom and Celebrity,” “Monsters and Madmen,” and “Queer Theory.” We also offer introductory and advanced courses in screenwriting.

There are no application requirements for students wishing to declare the minor. However, students must fill in the standard minor declaration form, which is available in the main office of the Department of English (Ross Hall). Students must pass their classes with a grade of D or better, and must maintain a grade point average of 2.0 in the minor. The Film Studies Director may approve variable topic courses offered by other program areas as minor electives, provided they exhibit a significant focus in film studies.

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