Sharon Wilson

I graduated from Colorado State College with a BA Honors, Purdue University with an MA, and University of Wisconsin, Madison, with a Ph.D, all in English.  My doctoral specialization was 20th century English and American Literature, with a dissertation on the self-conscious narrator’s twentieth-century faces.

At UNC I have taught in the Women’s Studies and MIND programs as well as English.  Although I created and have taught Images of Women in Literature and the Arts, World Literature By and About Women, and Topics in Women’s Literature, now I teach mostly graduate and undergraduate twentieth-century British Literature classes.  MIND classes include MIND 100, Confluences of Cultures, and Coming of Age in the Twentieth Century.
I was a Fulbright Exchange Teacher to London and have been a College Scholar twice.

My interests include writing books and articles on contemporary women writers and giving papers in Europe and the US.  Publications include Margaret Atwood’s Fairy-Tale Sexual Politics, Approaches to Teaching Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and Other Works, Margaret Atwood: Textual Assassinations, Myths and Fairy Tales in Twentieth-Century Fiction and articles on Samuel Beckett, Jean Rhys, Citizen Kane, and E. R. Eddison. I also enjoy reading fiction, doing sculpture and watercolor painting, going to concerts, traveling, swimming, and seeing friends.  I usually go to the Telluride Film Festival and both Denver Center Theatre and UNC plays.  My son and I hope to get another dog soon.