English Master’s of Arts in Teaching

About the MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) in English Education

Program Advisors:

Dr. Jeri Kraver
Dr. Sarah Allen

The MAT program is designed for students who want a master’s degree that allows them to focus on both English content and education.  The program is tailored to students who want to not only earn an advanced degree in the discipline of English, and also want to apply their knowledge of English to a teaching career in a secondary or postsecondary classroom.  Thus, students will work closely with both English and Education faculty to accomplish the goals of this dual-focused program.  Students in the program will complete 12 credits of education coursework, 15 credits of English coursework, three elective credits, and a final project that displays mastery of both content areas. 


The number of credit hours given for each course is shown in parentheses. 

Education Core—12 credits

  • SRM   600 Introduction to Graduate Research (3)
  • EDF    619 Pluralism in Education (3 credits)
  • EDF    665 Current Issues in Instruction and Assessment Practices (3)
  • EDF    685 Philosophical Foundations of Education (3)

English Core—15 credits

Required course for all students:

  • ENG 600 Introduction to Graduate Study (3)

British Literature (select one):

  • ENG 623 Old English (3)
  • ENG 624 Middle English (3)
  • ENG 625 Studies in the Renaissance (3)
  • ENG 626 Studies in the Restoration & Eighteenth Century (3)
  • ENG 627 British Romantic Literature (3)
  • ENG 628 Studies in the Victorian Period (3)
  • ENG 629 20th Century British Literature (3)

American Literature (select one):

  • ENG 630 American Literature to the Civil War (3)
  • ENG 631 Studies in American Literature Civil War to WW1 (3)
  • ENG 632 American Literature WW1 to Present (3)

Advanced Composition (select one):

  • EED 541 Methods and Materials for Teaching Composition in the Secondary School (3)
  • ENG 640 History and Theory of Rhetoric (3)
  • ENG 641 Studies in Composition Research and Pedagogy (3)

Theory or Language (select one):

  • ENG 633 Studies in Linguistics (3)
  • ENG 638 Literary Criticism and Theory (3)
  • ENG 642 Film Theory and Analysis (3)

Elective Credits (3 credits):

The elective credits are selected in consultation with the candidate’s program advisor. Elective credits may be taken at the either the 500 or 600 levels.

The Final Project

As a culmination of the program, students seeking the MAT with an emphasis in English Education will complete a final project that demonstrates mastery of both English and Education content.  The project has two parts, a scholarly essay and a complete unit plan.

  • The Essay

    Students must produce a scholarly essay of at least 25 typed pages.  The essay must incorporate content from both the English and Education facets of the program. 
  • The Unit

    Attached to the essay, students must submit a brief yet complete unit plan that demonstrates how the content of the essay can be used in classroom practice.  The unit must contain at least five lesson plans. 
  • The Process

    • After the completion of coursework, students will submit a prospectus to Drs. Allen and Kraver, outlining the plan for completion of the final project.
    • Students are encouraged to work with appropriate English and Education faculty as they develop and revise the essay in preparation for submittal. 
    • There is no formal defense of the final project.  An advisory committee is not required.
    • Upon completion, Drs. Allen and Kraver will evaluate the project.