About the English Secondary Education Program

Program Director:
Dr. Jeri Kraver

Program Advisors:
Dr. Jeri Kraver
Stacy Bailey

The English Secondary Education program prepares students to teach English and the Language Arts in grades 7-12. English Secondary Education majors will have a solid knowledge of American and British literary history, as well as linguistics and grammar, rhetoric, and literary theory. They will take English methods courses in the teaching of literature and writing, and will have, in preparation for student teaching, many opportunities to observe and reflect upon current teaching practices in our partner schools.

Program Requirements: 120 credit hours

(1) English Major with Secondary Teaching Emphasis: 39 credits

At present there is no application procedure for admission to the English Secondary Education program (though the Professional Teacher Education Program does require an application; see below). Students must pass their English classes with a grade of C or better (C- does not count), and must maintain an overall grade point average of 3.0 in order to gain admission to the English Education methods courses (EED 341 and EED 402). 

(2) Liberal Arts Core (LAC): 40 credits

We suggest that English Education majors take the following courses in the LAC:

  • LAC category 1b: ENG 225
  • LAC category 3a: ART 181, ART 182, or FILM 120
  • LAC category 3b: ENG 236* or ENG 262*
  • LAC category 4: HIST 100, HIST 101, HIST 120, or HIST 121
  • LAC category 5c: ANT 110, SOC 100, SOC 221, SOC 237, or WS 101
  • LAC category 8: ENG 236*

* One (and only one) of the two courses marked with an asterisk can count as an elective in the English Education major. More information about the LAC course requirements can be found in the UNC catalog.

(3) Professional Teacher Education Program (PTEP): 41 credits

PTEP at a Glance

PTEP has four phases, each of which combines education coursework with practicum (classroom) experience.  Each phase’s coursework is “bundled,” and includes 1-3 education classes, a weekly seminar (5-7 PM on Tuesday evenings) that addresses topics relevant to the profession, and a number of observation hours (to be spent at a partner school in the Greeley area). Each bundle is worth 5-9 credits. 

“Step Out” Semester
Between Phase II and Phase III, EED majors “step out” of PTEP for one semester (typically the second semester of their junior year).  During this semester, students take their first EED methods course (EED 341 or EED 402), and enroll in EDRD 340 (Developing Language and Literacy in the Content Area). There are no practicum hours. 

Student teaching
Students must complete ALL coursework in order to progress to PTEP Phase IV: Student Teaching (14 credit hours).  In addition, by the end of PHASE III, students must have taken AND passed the PRAXIS Test required for licensure by the state. Though students may request a student teaching placement at a school outside of the Greeley area, placements outside our partner schools cannot be guaranteed. Faculty members from the Department of English will oversee and mentor students during their student teaching.

Students will be assigned an advisor from the English Department once they declare the English Secondary Education major. Upon completion of Phase II, they will be advised by the program’s director, Dr. Jeri Kraver, who will approve full admission to PTEP and the application for student teaching.