English Major Liberal Arts

Director of Undergraduate Studies:
Dr. Molly Desjardins

The study of literature, language, and literacy is at the very heart of a liberal education. The English major is excellent preparation for any profession or occupation that stresses language usage, such as writing and teaching-related fields. Graduates of this program will be prepared to enter a variety of professional and graduate level programs, including law, theology, medicine (with appropriate science and mathematics preparation), library science, communications, media and business.

Program Requirements: 120 credit hours

(1) English Major with Liberal Arts Emphasis: 39 credits

There are no application procedures or requirements for students wishing to declare the English major (Liberal Arts emphasis). Students must pass their English classes with a grade of D or better, and must maintain an overall grade point average of 2.0 in order to remain in good academic standing.

(2) Liberal Arts Core (LAC): 40 credits

We suggest that English majors take the following courses in the LAC:

  • LAC category 1b: ENG 225
  • LAC category 3a: ART 181, ART 182, or FILM 120
  • LAC category 3b: ENG 211, ENG 213, ENG 214, ENG 236, or ENG 262
  • LAC category 5c: ANT 110, SOC 100, SOC 221, SOC 237, or WS 101
  • LAC category 8: ENG 236

Only two ENG-, FILM-, or HUM-prefixed courses in the Liberal Arts Core (excluding ENG 122, ENG 123, and ENG 225) may count as electives in the English major. More information about the LAC course requirements can be found in the UNC catalog.

(3) Required minor: 18-24 credits

English majors are required to choose a minor program to supplement their literary studies. Though students may choose from among a myriad of UNC minors, many English majors choose Film Studies or Writing.

(4) University electives: 17-23 credits