Literary Landscapes:  England's Treasures

On June 4, 2001, 20 UNC English majors and their professor, his wife, and two writing instructors headed for a 3 week tour of England visiting wonderful historical sites and the places and homes where famous British authors lived and worked.  For me it was the trip of a life time, for I had never been aboard.   I took two cameras and 19 rolls of film, resulting in hundreds of pictures; I  thought it would be fun to share some of  my favorite photos with you.

Tower of London from the River Thames

Students enjoy a view of the New Globe Theater from the famous River Thames

On a Free day an adventureous side trip

Abbey Road Recording Studio

Any serious Beatles fan who travels to London must take a trip to Abbey Road, home of Abbey Road Recording Studio where the Beatles recorded so much of their best music.  So this child of the '60s and five Beatles fans found our way to the cross walk in front of the Beatles recording  studio on Abbey Road that John, Paul, George, and Ringo commited to history.  Visitors seem compelled to leave their mark at the famous crossing by scribbling messages to the Beatles on everything from the brick pillars in the picture to sidewalk benches.  Fans also have to replicate the Beatles' Abbey Road album cover by crossing the street in the same intersection, which is no easy task in heavy mid-day traffic.  Busy commuters wait impatiently yelling, making faces, and honking their horns while tourists stop traffic to have their pictures taken as they do the Beatles walk across the street.  Here 3 UNC coeds assist a stranger (a New Yorker) take his walk across the busy intersection.  (I guess you really have to be Beatles' fanatic to get it).  (traffic cleverley omitted)

The Original Album Cover

Janelle, Bri, Megan, and the New Yorker walking the walk.
(by the way, Janelle works in the English Office)

Road Trip:  Destination:
York, ,Grasmere, Haworth, Bath, Chawton, Stonehenge, and Oxford

Allan, the bus driver, and his monkey.  He told us we logged about 1,200 miles on the bus.


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