English 225: Writing on A Theme: Issues in Education
Instructor: Ann Rasmussen
Spring 2013

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Your Course Syllabus Fall 2013

Spring Final Examp Schedule

Group Power Point Presentations for Elements of Teaching:

Feb. 12: Group 1: Authority
Feb. 24: Group 2: Order
Feb. 26: Group 3: Imagination
Mar. 5: Group 4: Patience
Mar. 7: Group 5: Character


Text:A Writer's Reference

r's Reference by
Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers

The Elements of Teaching
by J
ames M. Banner, Jr. and Harold C. Cannon

Readings for 225: These are PDF files that you will bring and bring to class for discussion.

John Dewey: Democracy and Education: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Education:

Section 1: "Renewal of Live by Transimitions"

Frank McCourt Excerpts from Teacher Man (PDF)

A Reason To Teach: Chapter 4 (PDF)
Mark Edmundson"On the Uses of a Liberal Educaton" (link)
Jean M. Twenge and W. Kenneth Campbell The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement (PDF)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Preparing Teachers for a Changing World Chapter 7 from Peparing Teachers for a Changing World (PDF)
Paulo Freire: "Teahers as Cultural Woprkers: Letters to Those Who Dare to Teache Fourth Letter: On the Indispensible Qualities of Progressive Teachers for their Better Performane. (PDF)
Notes from Kraver
Notes from Kraver
Links to Teacher Education Organizations
More Teacher Organizations

Helpful Hints for Writing Your Essay

When to Use Quotations and a list of words to introduce borrowed material

Using the World Wide Web for Academic

The Owl at Purdue Online Writing Lab an online writing center for grammar and MLA rules

Class Power Point Lectures (files will download to your hard drive)

How to do a Close Reading of Scholarly Works


Writing the Group Summary:

The Assignment: Summary Paper

Article Summary Template

Summary Scoring Rubric

Group Powerpoint Pressentation

Group Presentation Rubric

This I Believe Statement

Interview for Problem Solving Essay

Proposal and Outline for Problem Solving Essay

Annotated Bibliography for Problem Solving Essay

Problem Solving Essay

Group Power Point Presentations

Chapter 2 of Pedagogy fo the Oppressed

Response/Narrative Essay due

This I Believe Statement

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Weekly Assignments

Week 14: April 23-25: Final Drafts due Thursday. Turn in peer reviewed rought draft with SIGNED peer review sheet.

Week 13: April 16-18: Meet in Michener Library, 2nd floor for peer review. Bring two copies of your essa--one for you and one for your partern. I will have copies of the peer review sheet that you fill out for the draft that you review. Upload your problem solving essay rough draft to Safe Assignment by 11:55 PM, Tuesday, April 16.

Week 12: April 9-11: Tuesday Paragraph Writing; Thursday the Rough Draft. Follow this link for Writing the Thesis Sentence and Outline

Week 11: April 2-4: Due Tuesda:y Outline and proposal for problem soving essay.Proposal and Outline for Problem Solving.Upload to SA by 11:55 PMApril 1 Monday.

Work on exercise sheet for MLA writing quotations. We will look at that exercise Tuesday and Thursday. Review requirement of annotated bib due April 9

Week 10: March 12-14: MLA; how to incorporate borrowed material. Outline and Proposal will be April 2.

Week 9: Make sure to remember to meet in Ross 1240 Computer Lab on Tuesday and Wednesday where we will work on the annotated bibliography.

Revised Syllabus schedule 2.21-3.14 (note that original due dates do not change)

Class Activity
Due Date
7: 2.21
Discuss topic selection, share news articles; discuss problem solving essay
8: 2.26-2.28
2.26: Group 3: Imagination
2.28: Developing a problem solving essay: the outline and proposal
9: 3.5-3.7
Group 4: Patience
Group 5: Character
10: 3.12-3.14

Meet in Ross 1240, English Computer Lab
The Research Process: Creating the Annotated Bibliography



Week 6: Feb. 19-21: Discuss the research process, the assignment, locating sources, the annotated bibliography, finding a topic. For Thursday bring in 3 articles that might be good inspiration for a topic. Locate articles in newspapers, magazines, evening TV news, the interenet. Have 3 different topic selections. Your research essay will be a problem solving essay that presents some sort of problem in education K-12 or even post secondary. Click here for the problem solving essay assignment

Week 5: Feb. 12-14: Tuesday: Group 1: Authority; Thursday Group 2: Order. Responsive Narrative Essay Due. Click here for the assignement: Response/Narrative Essay due

Upload your essay to SafeAssignment by 11:55 PM Wednesday, Feb 14. See

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Week 4: Feb. 5-7:

Looking Forward to Week 4:

  • Feb. 5: Group Workshop to plan Elements presentation
  • Feb. 7: Define scholarship and scholarly sources and How to Evaluate scholarly sources; Discuss characteristics of good teachers
  • Responsive Narrative

Week 2: Jan. 22-24: Reading and Quiz Paulo Freire: Chapter to from Pedagogy of the Opressed "The Banking Model of Education"

Assignment: 1 page Summary of the reading Group Assignment
Lecture: How to summarize and paraphrase

Week 1: Jan. 15-17: Course introduction; Syllabus, general discussion on American education


Using Black Board, the On Line Classroom

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