Questions Understanding “The Metamorphosis” (bring your answers to class for discussion)


1.     How does the family change after Gregor dies?

2.     What symbols do you find in the story?

3.     How would you characterize Gregor? Grete? Mother? Father

4.     What is the significance of the story’s ending?

5.     When Kafka’s friends read the story, they thought to was humorous, they didn’t take it seriously.  Can you see why?  Or does that seem odd?


6.     Visit these tow web sites to get some extra insight into the story. 



7.     Why is the moving of the furniture significant in the story?  Who wants the furniture to stay and why?  Who feels it should be moved  and why?  How does Gregor feel about his furniture being moved out?  Which piece of furniture is he most attached to and why?  Why does he not want it move?