English 131: Introduction to Literature

Fall 2011

Ann Rasmussen

Final Weeks

11/7 Finish Frost

ee cummings

11/11 Piercy, Sexton
11/14 Final poetry comments; Patricia Smith “Skinhead”; Open Poetry Test on BB. Closes 11/16Poetry Essay Due 11/18
11/16 Film Discussion
11/18 Film Discussion
11/21 Much A Do Study Questions
11/23 NO CLASS
11/25 NO CLASS
11/28 Much A Do
11/30 Much A Do
12 Much A Do; Course review



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Weekly Schedule

Week 15: Nov. 28, 30, Dec. 2

Final Exam Questions Final December 9 @ 8:00- 10:30

How to Prepare for an Essay Exam

Monday: Much A Do About Nothing: Study questions due; film
Wednesday: Much A Do About Nothing Film
Friday: Finish Much A Do About Nothing; course review

Week 13: Nov. 14, 16, 18 Poetry Essay Hard copy Due Friday, Nov. 18; Upload to Safe Assign Nov. 18 by 8:00 AM. Take BlackBoard Poetry test by 11:55 PM,Nov. 1, 7 Thursday

Monday: Finish Poetry
Wednesday: Great American Film Festival Exta Credit, email me your film that be go on the list of must see movies; 10 points. Be prepared to discuss in class why in class.
Friday: Film Fetival continues.

Week 12: Nov. 7, 9, 11

Monday: Finish Robert Frost
Wednesday: ee cummings
Friday Ann Sexton and Marge Piercy

Week 11: Oct. 31, Nov. 2, Nov. 4

Monday: Finish Emily Dickenson, short essay due. Begin W B Yeats

The Second Coming
Leda and the Swan
Among School Children

Be sure to study the footnotes.

Wednesday: Robert Frost. All selections in text. Film.

Friday: finish Frost

Week 9: Oct. 17, 19, 21

  • Monday: Elizabeth Barret Browning
  • Wednesday: Robert Browning and print and bring to class this parody of "My Last Duchess" Gabriel Spera "My Ex-Husband
  • Friday: Continue Browning; introduce Emily Dickinson.


Week 8: Oct. 10, 12, 14

  • Monday: Shakespeare's sonnets 18 and 130
  • Wednesday: The Puritans: Anne Bradstree "To My Dear and Loving Husband"
  • Friday: The Romantics: William Wordsworth "I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud"

Week 7: Oct. 3, 5, 7

  • Monday: Modernism and Postmodernsim "Here Bullet"
  • Wednesday: Short Story Essay Due. Upload to Safe Assign by 11:55 PM Oct. 4 (Tuesday night); Patricia Smith
  • Friday: Shakespeare Sonnets 118, 130. They are in the Portable Anthology.

Week 6: Sept. 26, 28, 30:

  • Monday: Final comments on shot stories. Discuss short story writing assignemnt
  • Wednesday: Introduction to Poetry
  • Friday: Post modernist movement and poetry. Brian Turner's poetry of war.

Short Story Analysis Essay:

  • 4-5 pages
  • MLA
  • No Research
  • Upload to Safe Assignment by 11:55 PM Oct. 4
  • Hard copy due Oct. 5 in class


Week 5: Sept: 19, 21, 23: Group Presentations: "Everyday Use," Where Have You Been? Where Are You Going?", "The Things They Carried" Short Story Essay due Wednesday, Sept. 27. See instructins on Short Story page.

Week 4: Group Presentations for Short Stories begin. Monday:"The Metamorphosis," Wednesday: "The Rocking Hourse Winner," Friday: "The Chrysanthemums."

Week 3: Sept. 5, 7, 9: No Class Monday. Wednesday Finish Cinderella; intrduce short story. Meet with short story groups.

Week 2: Aug. 29, 31, Sept. 1:

Monday: Back to the drawing board: IT will meet me in the classroom to help veiw the video. Assignment: short essay on film due Wednesday.

Wednesday: Review Aristotle, Greek Drama, discuss Lysistrata. Turn in study questions (no change on due date)

Friday: Finish Lysistrata; begin "Cinderella." Follow the links to find the Grimms' tale and follow the link to read Fairy Tale Motifs and Themes.

Week 1: Introduce course, go over syllabus;Thursday: view video Greece: A Moment of Excellence. Assignment: short essay.

Week 2: Discuss Lysistrata.

Answer Study Questions for Lysistrata

Visit this site for more background on Lysistrata and Ancient Greece

Week 3: "Cinderella"