English 123: College Research Paper

Spring 2013

Ann Rasmussen

Hello. Welcome to my 123 home page. You can peview Spring 2012 by looking at last year's syllabus. I will be modifiying the syllabus and the course over semester break, but I do not anticipate major changes, so take a look and begin thinking about what you would like to write about. Come up 3 different topics. See you soon. ras

Your Spring 2013 Syllabus


Spring 2013

Final Exam Schedule



Required Textbooks and Supplies: Books are available at the BookStop in Greenly at 10th Ave. and 16th

Hacker & Sommers: A Writer's Referecne, 7th ed.

Power Point Presentations for Argument

Writing A thesis Sentences

Strategies for Developing an Argument (ignore dates on first slide)

Critical Thinking

Important Dates

Lecture Power PointsPresentations(fill will download to your hard drive)

How to do a close reading on an scholarly work

Great Web Sites

Beyond Google

Internet Resources: The Tradmark of Good Writing Note: Students in an after school program Pathway to Empowerment recommended this web site, for they understand the importance of documenting their research to avoid plagiarism.

The Owl for MLA
Librarians’ Intenet Index
Catalog of US Government Publications
INFOMINE Scholarly Internet

Resource Collections: Subject specific

Helpful Hints for Writing Your Essay

Forbidden Topic List

When to Use Quotations and a list of words to introduce borrowed material

Using the World Wide Web for Academic


Writing the SummaryResponse

Review Writing the Explanation Essay

Creating the Annotated Bibliography Check this link for the assignment,deadlines, and helpful links.

Bedford Researcher: a bibliography builder tool

Writing the Explanation Essay

Conducting Field Research

Outlines for Argument

Outlines for Problem Solving

Writing the Proposal

The Reseach Essay

Rough Draft Expectations

Grade Sheet View the Grade Sheet for the final draft that I will to grade your final essay draft.

Instructions for uploading to Safe Assignment on Black Board

Peer Review Checklist

Show Time: Creating the Power Point Presentation



Flash Drive

3X5 or 4X5 note cards

3 ring notebook

colored markers or pencil

Visit English 123 Web Sites to see student examples.

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Weekly Schedule

Week: 14: April 23-25: Presentations Begin. Final draft is due Thursday, April 25. Turn in the peer reviewed rough draft with the SIGNED peer review sheet attached.

Week 13: April 16-18: We will meet in Michener Library, 2nd floor for peer review of Rough Drat. I will have copies of the peer review sheet. Upload your rough draft to Safe Assignment by 11:55 PM, Tuesday, April 16.

Week 11: April 2-4: Meet in class on Tuesday to receive your outline and proposal. No Class Thursday. Schedule conferences.

Week 10: March 26-28: Chapters 20 and 21. Outline and Proposal due March 28. Make sure that you schedule your second conference for the semeter to discuss your rough draft.

Week 9: March 12-14: Tuesday: Developing a working thesis and the outline for an argument essay; Thursday outlining and proposal.

Week 8: Marach 5-7: Continue Discussion on developing argument. Field study due March 5. Check this link for the assignment:

For Extra Credit be sure attend at least one session of the Writer's Conference. Write 250 word review for 25 points extra credit.

Week 7: Feb. 26-28: Tuesday Work on incorporating borrowed material in paragraphs; email your group's finished paragraph to me so that we can compare them in class. Thursday: Begin discussing Argument.

Week 6: Feb. 19-21: We are ready to begin taking notes as we read our research sources. Chapter 6 will help guide us through this process. Here is a web site that help clarify the notetaking process for you: Research Guidelines: Notetaking

Click here for Class assignment for Thursday, Feb. 21. Read this article, take notes on a note card for class. Class will form groups to write to complet the assignment.

Week 5: Feb. 12-14:

Tuesday meet in regular classroom; bring your laptop so that we can use the databases to search for peer reviewed journal articles.

Due Tuesday: Your research question with 10 questions about your topic. Click here for the full assignment: Writing the Research Question Chapter 3: Developing the Research Question.

Also due Tuesday:The Exlalnation Essay. Click here for the assignment.Writing the Explanation Essay. The essay will be due to Safe Assignment by 11:55 PM, Monday, Feb. 11.

Grading Criterial for Explanation Essay


Thursday meet in Ross 1240 Computer lab to search for web sources.

Week 4: Feb. 5-7: Introduce Field reseaerch.

Week 3: Jan. 29-31: Tuesday Meet in Michener Library, 3rd floor. Thursday Meet in English Computer Lab in Ross. Bring your research handbook.

Class Lecture Notes: Documenting Sources in the Summary Response
Writing the Explanation Essay

Week 2: Jan. 22-24: Writing the Summary Response. Be sure to bring articles to class this week.

Week 1: Jan. 15-17 Print (click HERE) "Sex, Lies, and ResLife" by Adam Kissel and begin reading for class discussion next week. Answer study questions.