English 123: College Research Paper

Spring 2013

Ann Rasmussen

Hello. Welcome to my 123 home page. You can peview Spring 2012 by looking at last year's syllabus. I will be modifiying the syllabus and the course over semester break, but I do not anticipate major changes, so take a look and begin thinking about what you would like to write about. Come up 3 different topics. See you soon. ras

Your Spring 2013 Syllabus


Spring 2013

Final Exam Schedule



Required Textbooks and Supplies: Books are available at the BookStop in Greenly at 10th Ave. and 16th

Hacker & Sommers: A Writer's Referecne, 7th ed.

Power Point Presentations for Argument

Writing A thesis Sentences

Strategies for Developing an Argument (ignore dates on first slide)

Critical Thinking


Helpful Hints for Writing Your Essay

Forbidden Topic List

When to Use Quotations and a list of words to introduce borrowed material

Using the World Wide Web for Academic


Print the article (it is lengthy) to bring to class for discussion on Friday.

Writing the Literary Response

Review Writing the Explanation Essay

Creating the Annotated Bibliography Check this link for the assignment,deadlines, and helpful links.

Conducting Field Rearch

The Research Essay

Writing the Interview

Outlines for Problem Solving

Writing the Proposal

The Reseach Essay

Rough Draft Expectations


Grade Sheet View the Grade Sheet for the final draft that I will to grade your final essay draft.

Instructions for uploading to Safe Assignment on Black Board

Peer Review Checklist

Show Time: Creating the Power Point Presentation

Bedford Researcher


Flash Drive

3X5 or 4X5 note cards

3 ring notebook

colored markers or pencil

Visit English 123 Web Sites to see student examples.

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Weekly Schedule

Week 1: Jan. 15-17 Print (click HERE) "Sex, Lies, and ResLife" by Adam Kissel and begin reading for class discussion next week. Answer study questions.