Class Act English 122: College Composition
Fall 2011

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List of Semester Assignments




English 122


Peer Review Evaluation


Evaluation Due; Passive Voice


Passive Voice Quiz due; Problem Solving Essay Power Point




Problem Solving: Choosing a topic; work sheet


Worksheet: Student Examples






Student examples of outline








Peer Review


Final Due; Course Review


No Class



Final Exam Schedule

Dec. 5 Mon. 10:45-1:15 Eng. 122-009
Dec. 5 Mon. 1:30-4:00 Eng. 122-037
Dec. 8 Thurs. 8:00-10:45 Eng. 122-026

Students will meet with me in my office during their final exam to pick up their final essay and their final grade.


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Weekly Assignments and Announcements

Week 15: Nov. 28, 30, Dec. 2

Monday: Peer Review. Meet in Michener Library, 2nd floor. Print Problem Sovling Peer Review Sheet 15 points.

Wednesday: Turn in Problem Solving Essay with peer review attached. Complete Course Review. Last day of class.

Friday: No class. Pick up your final grade report and graded essay during your final class period.

Final Exam Schedule

Dec. 5 Mon. 10:45-1:15 Eng. 122-009
Dec. 5 Mon. 1:30-4:00 Eng. 122-037
Dec. 8 Thurs. 8:00-10:45 Eng. 122-026


Week 13: Nov. 14, 16, 18 Extra credit for sharing your work.

Monday: Writer's worksheet for Problem Solving Essay
Wednesday: Thesis
Friday: Outline

Week: 12: Nov. 7, 9, 11

Monday: Meet in Michener 2nd floor to do peer review for the evaluation essay. Print Peer Review Sheet 15 points to bring to class. Students will work in partners to review essays. Essays will be submitted to Safe Assignment and hard copies will be due Nov. 9. Students who go to the writing center should provide proof of their visit.

Safe Assignment Deadlines on Wednesday, Nov. 9:

009: 9:00 AM
026: 11:00 AM
037: 1:00 PM

Wednesday: Turn in Evaluation Essay. Submit peer review rough draft with the review sheet attached; Final grammar lesson: Active and Passive Voice

Friday: New Essay: Problem Solving Essay

Week 11: Oct. 31, Nov. 2, Nov. 4 Evlauation Essay Outline.


Monday: Bring criteria log and ideas of criteria. We will work on thesis and topic sentences

Wednesday: Workshop: View student thesis sentences and topic sentences in class

Friday: Workshop: View student thesis sentences and topic sentences in class

Monday: Nov. 7 Peer Review Michener Library 2nd floor. Print this

Peer Review Sheet 15 points

Final Draft Due Nov. 9

Week 10: Oct. 24, 26, 28: Wednesday: Evaluation Essay Power Point. Discuss criteria used to evaluate television advertising for the essay.Due Friday, your critiera log. Click on the following links for the essay assignment sheet and the criteria worksheet.

Week 9: Oct. 17, 19, 21 Print English 122 Library Search.

  • Monday: Walking tour with Subject librarian.
  • Wednesday: Meet in Michener 303 computer lab.
  • Friday: Open class to complete the library search assingment. Due at the end of the period.


Week 8: Oct. 10, 12, 13:

  • Monday: Writing a Definition Essay Definition Essay
  • Wednesday Punctuation/Pronoun Quiz
  • Friday: in class writing of definition essay. Bring notebook paper, blue or black ink pen.

Week 7: Oct. 3, 5, 7: Bring Hacker Handbook to class this week.

  • Monday: Bring Narrative Essay with 5 worst/hardest sentences and pronoun exercises
  • Wednesday: Pronoun Worksheet #1 Pronouns Click here for pronoun Exercises.
  • Friday: Pronoun Worksheet #2; Summary Respone Due. Upload to Safe Assign by 11:55 PM Thursday, Oct. 6

Week 6: Sept. 26, 28, 29:

  • Monday: Groups will write their response to the Gardner essay. Each student will write his/her response with supporting evidence to share with the group. the group will decide which piece of evidence is the most effective. Email the finished essay to yourself for class presentation.
  • Wednesday the group 1 and 2 will present their summary/response to the class.
  • Friday groups 3 and 4 will present.
  • Due Oct. 7 Summary/Response essay for each student using either Holt's essay or Roderiguez's essay.

Week 5: Sept. 19, 21, 23: Read "Multiple Intelliengces," by Howard Gardner. The essay is on reserve in Michener Library Electronic Reserve.

  • Monday: punctuation. Write a sentence using Semicolon (;) rule 3 separating items in a list with internal punctuation.
  • Wednesday: Summary Response Power Point. For Friday Read Howard Gardner's essay "Multiple Intelligences." Create a list of the main ideas that would be included in an essay. Type. Bring list to class.
  • Friday:Bring a written summary of the Gardner's essay to class to share with your group. Group will choose one to share with class, so also either bring your summary on a jump drive or email it to yourself.

Take sentence quiz on Black Board. It is located in the Assignments folder.

  • Opens Monday Sept. 19 at 11:00 AM
  • Closes Wednesday Sept. 21 at 11:00 AM


Week 4: Sept. 12, 14, 16: Monday: Bring working draft of your narrative to work on revision and sentence structure--laptops okay. Wednesday meet in Michener Library 2nd floor bring 2 printed copies, one for you and one for your partner. Friday turn in final draft following these requirements:

  • 3-4 pages
  • MLA sytle heading and page format--use you handbook for guidelines
  • stapled upper left hand corner
  • Times, New York, or Helvetica 12 point font. Not bold face fonts.
  • If you use the Writing Center provide proof of that visit.

Wednesday: Peer Review. Meet in Michener Library, 2nd floor. Before coming to class print Peer Review for the Narrative Essay. Each peer reviewer will fill out and sign this sheet. The writer will attache the peer review sheet to the reviewed rough draft which will be handed in the final essay.

Submit your final draft of the narrative essay to Safe Assignment:

  • Eng. 009: Submit Thursday, Sept. 15 between 11:55 AM and 9:00 AM Friday, Sept. 16
  • Eng. 026: Submit Thursday, Sept. 15 between 11:55 AM and 11:00 AM Friday, Sept.16
  • Eng. 037: Submit Thursday, Sept. 15 between 11:55 AM and 2:00 AM Friday, Sept. 16
A good proof reader becomes a second eye for your essay, giving you a new view and helpful insight into your writing.

Meet my proofreader, Mo.

Friday: TBA; Sentence Quiz on Black Board TBA

Week 3: Sept. 5, 7, 9: MondayLabor Day, no class Wednesday discuss sentence sturcture and writing better sentences. Do the exercise using this link: Sentence Structure. In Hacker and Sommers, read Section S1-S7.

Black Board: Check Black Board for these Power Point Presentations found in the Course Materials Folders:

  • Remembering (or Narrative) Essay Power Point: opens 8 AM 9/2; Closes 9/19 12:30 AM
  • Writing Better Sentences Power Point: opens 8 AM 9/2; Closes 9/19 12:30 AM

Week 2: Aug. 29, 31, Sept. 1:

  • Monday: Define essay writing and college writing; Read essay on Electronic Reserve in Michener Library: "Corla Hawkins." Print and bring a copy to class on Wednesday
  • Wednesday: Introduce the Narrative Essays; Read "Corla Hawkins" for class discussion. Bring printed copy to class.
    • Click here to access Michener Library, then follow these instructions: On Michener Library's home page, click on the "Reserves" tab. Search using my last name first: rasmussen a. Here you will find the readings for the narrative essay and for the summary response essay. For the Narrative essay, print and bring to class the essay titled "Corla Hawkins."
  • Friday: Narratvie Essay examples; begin writing your essay in class.--Brainstorm ideas.

Week 1: Aug. 22, 24, 26: Introduction to course, review syllabus, discuss writing; Friday meet in English Computer Lab Ross 1240

Course Materials, Handouts, Conferences

1. Students must print all course handouts from the English 122 web site. Print before class so that you have necessary materials to complete the day's activities.

2. Purchase your books for this class from the Book Stop located at 931 16th Street (corner of 10th Ave. and 16th). Also purchase stapler, other office supplies to hand in professionally need assignments.

a. Spiral notebook for writing journal and class notes
b. Storage device of some sort: USB memory stick

3. Schedule conferences to discuss course work, writing difficulties, selecting a major, or other related problems and concerns.

4. Send an email or call if you miss class. Remember there are no excused absences. Students may miss 3 classes before their grade will be affected. Be sure to use your Bears email for university correspondence.

Using Black Board, the On Line Classroom

Log onto Black Board: Notes on Using Black Board

1. How to log onto or create your account on Black Board:

Your login and password will be your URSA login and password--NOTE: this password will expire every 90 days, so you will have to create a new password. For technology help, call the help line: 351-help or 351- 4357.

Keep these suggestions in mind as you take the quizzes:

Use a high speed internet connection to assure a good connection. AOL users will be disconnected after 30 minutes on AOL. You will not be disconnected from Black Board, so you will continue to work, but the work you have done after the 30 minutes will not be saved. Use one of the many computer labs on campus.

At the end of each exam, be sure to click the "Submit" button to save your work. You may have to scroll down if the button located in the lower right hand corner of the screen does not show.

Do not use the "back" button in Black Board. Doing so will disconnect you from the database and your responses will be lost. The tests will be set to open once.

Decide when you will take the test, commit to take the test in one sitting because test parameters will be set so that students can open test only once. In other words: No Peeking.

Read each question carefully.

Instructions for Safe Assignment

Email me if you have questions or difficulties.


Email Me

351-2198. Leave a voice message with your name and number and a brief message. Please speak slowly and clearly, especially when you leave your phone number.






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