Evaluation Essay Outlines:

The Outline  

I. Introduction

A. Attention Getter to open the essay

B. Introduce the TV ad. Summarize the ad

C. Lead-in to the thesis

D. Thesis: Last sentence in the introduction

II. Body of the Essay: Discusses criteria, showing how the ad meets or does not meet each criterion.

A. Criterion 1: Write a topic sentence for the criterion. To develop that topic sentence, provide eveidence and make judgments as to how well the advertisment meets that criterion.

1. Exmple from the ad
2. Example


B. Criterion 2: Wrtie a topic sentences (see A)

1. Example
2. Example

C. Criterion 3: Write a topic sentence (See A)

1. Example
2. Example

Conclusion: Brings the essay to a satisfying close, summarizes main points (criteria), makes a final judgement.

Notes about the outline: You must find some place to (1) describe and summarize the ad, either in the introduction or in the Body of the essay as the first main point; (2) presnt the opposing view. If you are writing a positive reveiw of the ad, you must have a negative comment. If you are writing a negative review, you must find something positive to say about the ad.



  1. Work on active voice by rewriting the Be verbs especially in your thesis and topic sentences: is are, was, were.
  2. Avoid 2nd person "you." Any essay that has "you" in it will automatically recieve 69% or a D.
  3. Pay special attention to pronoun agreement. Avoid that pronoun problem by writing in 3rd person plural--consumers, viewers. Think about who the audience is for the ad.
  4. Add inmportant transitions with topic sentences: first, next, another, in addition. Rate your criteria in order of importance or strength in the ad.
  5. Be fair and honest in your assessment by looking at all facets of the ad.
  6. Be sure to fill your assessment of the ad with good, strong judgment words.

Evaluating a Single item

I. Introduction

Thesis: When looking a buying a new laptop, college students should consider the XXXXX laptop because it has a high speed dual processor, its operating system surpasses any other, and, most importantly, this laptop seems impervious to dangerous viruses.

I. Criterion 1: College students need a laptop computer that operates at lightening speed.

II. Criterion 2: The laptop operating system is also an important feature.

III. Criterion 3: Finally, college students need a laptop that does not crash repeatedly under the strain of constant viral assaults.

IV. Conclusion

NOTE: Your sentences that state each criterion will be the topic sentence for the new paragraph.

Be sure to use judgment words throughout the essay to explain and demonstrate the worth or value of the item.

REMINDER: Reid defines these key terms:

  • Criteria: describes how the subject should be (the ideal). a criterion is a measurement or standard that an item must meet
  • Evidence: demonstrates how the item does or does not meet the standard (the real). Use words like "disadvantages," "drawbacks," or "limitations."
  • Judgment: your opinion backed up by the evidence. Reid says judgment is the difference between the ideal and the real. If there is no difference, the judgment is positive; if the discrepancy is significant, the judgment is negative, as Ried says.