Courses and Requirements

If you wish to become an elementary teacher (K-6), you will major in Elementary Education: Teacher Licensure (ELED).  This program consists of three parts: Liberal Arts Core, Elementary Education Core with an Academic Track, and the Professional Teacher Education Program.

  • 23 credits of Elementary Education: Teacher Licensure (ELED) major coursework in mathematics, language arts, history and social sciences, science and the arts that develop in-depth understanding of the content and methods in the disciplines, and an additional 12 credits for an Academic Track (AT).
  • 50 credits of Professional Teacher Education Program (PTEP) coursework in educational foundations, psychology, exceptional students, tutoring, technology, methods, teaching English as a second language, and student teaching.

Most graduates with an Elementary Education: Teacher Licensure degree become elementary teachers.  This degree provides them with the broad base of knowledge and critical thinking skills that elementary teaching requires.  With Colorado licensure, students will receive reciprocity for licensure from most other states.  Students who choose not to teach are highly employable with skills in the areas of verbal and written communication, interpersonal relations, teamwork, problem-solving and leadership, preparing them for a broad range of careers.

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