Policy Briefs

One way the Education Innovation Institute carries out its mission to leverage applied research to solve practical problems is by producing policy briefs that investigate current issues in education. The briefs are organized into broad topic areas that are currently important in Colorado and the nation – or emerging in importance -- in an effort to help inform the debate. This work, like the work of improving education, is ongoing. We plan to add new briefs and topic areas as issues move to the fore, building a library that explores multiple angles within each topic. The current broad topics are:

Each brief provides background on an issue, a brief summary of the best relevant research, information on current practices and policies, and recommendations for research-based change. They are written in ordinary English to stimulate discussion among educators, policymakers and researchers alike.

Interested in More?

EII is happy to facilitate discussions based on the issues in our policy briefs. To have someone speak to your group about these issues, please call (970) 351-2945 or email eii@unco.edu.

Tell Us What You Think

We are interested in hearing your feedback on our policy briefs and your ideas for future topics. Send your thoughts to eii@unco.edu.