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The EII staff is always on the lookout for opinion pieces, news stories, and reports published elsewhere about topics central to our mission. This page features some we found particularly interesting. This list is not intended to be exhaustive -- it mostly represents the work of respected organizations that write about or work with policy issues. Neither EII nor UNC endorses the views expressed in these pieces, but the topics are important and the writing is often lively.

April 1, 2012

Data as a tool for education improvement and research

Professionalization of teaching

Value-added measures and teacher evaluations

(Note: Debates over the validity and fairness of value-added ratings ratcheted up several notches with the recent release in New York of test-based rankings for teachers and schools. A particularly sensitive point was the decision by several news organizations to provide access to ratings for individual teachers and schools. Much of the coverage trended negative during this period but we expect the range of perspectives to balance out as we continue to track this issue into the future.

Policy-making and reform

Higher Education Accountability, Money, and Survival

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