About Us

Strengthening bonds between research, practice, and policy through applied causal education research

The mission of the Education Innovation Institute is to build capacity for conducting and interpreting rigorous education research to help advance the use of policy that is based on causal evidence. We do this by working with three key stakeholder groups: researchers, policy makers, and practitioners. EII serves as a coordinator and facilitator to keep the needs and challenges of the three groups in balance while promoting their dynamic interaction.
As this neutral broker EII works to build capacity in each stakeholder sector. While much of our work serves the students and faculty of UNC, we consider outreach beyond our campus as key to EII’s mission.

One piece of our service mission is to promote economy and practicality. Thus, our training for educators focuses on low-cost program evaluation and our instruction for researchers tends toward application over theory.
Colorado is recognized as a national leader in education reform and other states are watching it closely. That makes policy rooted in rigorous evidence even more crucial. It is increasingly evident that policies are most likely to succeed and gain acceptance when they are informed by both the findings of rigorous research and a practical understanding of the often messy realities of education practice. EII’s ongoing mission is to continue bringing stakeholders together to foster mutually beneficial partnerships.