What is the mission of EII?

The mission of the Education Innovation Institute (EII) is to provide products, programs, and services that build the capacity of decision-makers in the educational system, including school leaders, researchers, and policymakers, to routinely generate and use meaningful evidence for effective resource allocation in the running and governing of schools.

Quote From Administrator of Greeley-Evans School District 6   

“So many higher education researchers pontificate about what they’re doing, but Dr. Klopfenstein isn’t pushing an agenda. She came in with an open mind and listened to what we needed. She has a depth of knowledge on the issues--from multiple perspectives--and helped us move forward by asking good questions. I appreciate her directness and when she pushes back, she does so for the sake of gaining clarity and not just for the sake of pushing bac​k. District 6 ​ values her support, commitment to quality, and her understanding of the research needed to move our district forward in a positive direction.”


Why is this mission relevant?

Overall, school funding has increased dramatically in recent decades. However, the tide has turned and districts are now having difficulty getting bonds and mill levies passed. In this environment, schools must learn how to get a bigger bang for their buck. When educational organizations have access to meaningful evidence, they can more effectively decide how best to allocate scarce time and money.